Government urges media to be objective

Government Spokesperson Col. (Rtd) Cyrus Oguna has urged the media to be at the forefront in enhancing unity by providing correct information.

“The media has power to build or break a nation. As members of the fourth estate, we urge you to please ensure that any information you give is correct to avoid causing chaos amongst our people,” He said.

Oguna spoke during a media breakfast to discuss partnership ways with the Government to constructively reconstruct our nation.

He says for the Country to unite and progress, the media must give both sides of the coin for each story. This he says will reduce misinformation to the public singling out stories on the teachers, nurses, and doctor’s strike.

“The Government has its responsibility to protect every Kenya citizen and their property. We cannot sit back and watch our people suffer. As we provide solutions to various problems, the media should also help stabilize the problems on the ground,” He said.

He said, “The Government has provided a framework through the Media Council of Kenya to ensure the members of the fourth estate thrive in their field. No media can thrive in an environment that is filled with conflict.”

Oguna also lauded the media for the role it continuously plays in educating the public saying, “Last year, the media accompanied Government officials to the Manyani expo in Taita Taveta where we saw some brilliant innovations done by the youth there. The media highlighted extensively on these & we do thank them for all their cooperation in their efforts in nation building.”

He said the media should be able to promote democracy, educate in a positive way and enable Kenyans to live in a thriving environment.

“As a nation we have been able to combat the COVID-19 pandemic due to partnerships that we were able to make together in different sectors. We urge our media to give hope to our citizens in these trying times.

Rising lake levels is a phenomenal that has affected many people across Kenya who live around the lakes. We thank the media for highlighting these issues and informing the affected parties on where to get help,” Oguna said.



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