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Gov’t to upscale industrial training and nurturing skills

The government has announced plans to establish business hubs and incubation centers in nearly all the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) centers across the country to generate more employment in the skilled sector.

Speaking during a familiarization tour at the Mombasa NITA premises, Principal Secretary of State Department for Labour and Skills Development Shadrack Mwadime said that there is a need to transit the youth to the business incubation hubs and assist them in the best way possible for them to be able to establish their local business enterprises.

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Mwadime said the institution which offers technical skills and certification has helped the skilled personnel acquire the skills required for them to secure employment both locally and abroad.

He noted that the competition in the international labour market is high thus the need to empower young people on the skills so that they can stand out on the international labour standards.

He said the international market is remitting funds to the local economy thus making it necessary for the government to bring in youth who are to work abroad, especially in the Middle East countries for training and to acquire relevant skills for the jobs.

“We can employ the top cream in terms of academic performance but also those who could not complete their education to the level they preferred can be brought to NITA and add on their skills to get certification. There are about 6000 people doing examinations so that they are ready for the labor market both locally and abroad,” he said.

The PS said the government is soon going to come up with a model based on the culture in the Middle East so that it can train as many people as possible on what is expected of them in those countries to make them sustainable in the job market.

He said the international market offers a big market for employment to Kenyans adding that it is their objective to send as many young people out there so that they can remit back what they can get to expand on the local economy.

“Most people work abroad and come back home to invest in business, this way we can boost our economy. We are not limited just to Middle East countries but we want to export our labor to the Western countries especially those that have done technical courses so that they secure jobs and earn a living,” he added.

Mwadime said the goal of the government is to bring people at the bottom of the economic pyramid to a level where they can be called middle-income earners.

He said the ministry will send out word on the facilities in the country that the young people can make use of to attain the skills they require, and those who already have the skills, can do their certification so that they are ready for the local and international market.

“Most of the courses offered at NITA are for one year. We urge the youth to come out and learn skills so that those who won’t be able to secure white-collar jobs can open up businesses,” he said.

He added that plans are underway to mobilize youth and equip them with skills to take on virtual jobs which have now become the new gig.

The PS further sensitized youth looking for opportunities abroad to go on the National Employment Agency website and enquire about available job opportunities abroad to avoid scammers.

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