Gov’t urged to deal with police brutality during curfew

Thirdway Alliance Kenya party leader Dr. Ekuru Aukot has called on the government to urgently take action against police officers involved  in police brutality against Kenyans during this time of curfew. 

Dr. Aukot said officers seen in photos and videos beating and brutalising people prior to the start of the curfew hour should be identified and prosecuted.

In a statement to newsrooms, Dr. Aukot said through their brutal and violent action, the police are spreading the virus that Kenyans are trying to control. 

He said it is inhuman for the law enforcement officers to unleash violence on already suffering Kenyans in an attempt to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi has  condemned the brutality meted on members of the public by police officers enforcing the order since the curfew took effect.    

He said there is a gap between policy formulation and policy implementation. Mudavadi said curfew should only be used in cases where the government is dealing with a hostile environment in a sudden and disruptive situation. 

The government imposed the curfew in new guidelines aimed at combating the spread of the novel Coronavirus which has so far claimed a 66-year-old patient in Kenya. 

Several human rights groups have also condemned the use of excessive and unnecessary force by the police since the country imposed the curfew Friday.

Elsewhere, the Youth Congress has also strongly condemned the use of brutal force by the police.

Raphael Obonyo the Convener says the gruesome and painful manner in which citizens are being treated is frustrating, overwhelming and hurtful and a gross human rights violation that undermines human dignity and the very objective of the curfew which is to ensure national security and public health.

“There is no possible justification for this kind of treatment. Reports of police abuse should be promptly investigated and those responsible should be appropriately disciplined or prosecuted. Police should respect the rights of those they arrest for violating curfew and other public health regulations to combat COVID-19. Moments of a crisis like this require that authorities and citizens work together and fight the common enemy and not each other.” He said.

Adding that: “Most important and as we fight the pandemic, we must stand united against all forms of human rights violations.  “We begin to die the day we remain silent about things that matter”



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