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Gov’t warns those behind supply of substandard fertilizer

The Government has warned those behind the supply of substandard fertilizer, saying their days are numbered.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi on Sunday fired a warning signal, stating that the government will not relent in its quest to comprehensively investigate the matter and culprits will be brought to book and face the full force of the law.

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“We are telling the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB), that you should not delay anymore because you know very well when you follow the supply and distribution chain properly, which consignment was brought in by whom and to be precise, when. Kenyans do not want stories because the answer lies with you NCPB,” Mudavadi firmly said.

Mudavadi made the remarks on the matter for the first time amid public outcry in various regions about the fertilizer saga.

He said those who want to disrupt the steady progress of the country’s food production sector will be treated as enemies of Kenyans.

He affirmed that the time has come for action to prevail and there will be no room for any discussions with saboteurs of key sectors of the country’s economy.

Saying that agriculture is a key pillar of the Bottom-Up Economic transformation Agenda, Mudavadi noted that farmers and those in the food production chain must be protected from cartels and ill-motivated brokers from their dubious dealings that cost the country a fortune in the sector.

“I am speaking directly to the ears and facing the eyes of those culpable, that we will make sure the law follows these people so that they are charged in a court of law and prosecuted for not bringing messes in the food security area.”

“The government cannot be putting in place constructive and progressive policies and plans as part of its agenda then someone with some malicious motives sneaks in fake fertilizer in the name of doing business, yet he is spoiling all the gains we have made,” regretted Mudavadi.

His sentiments come days after he chaired the Principal Secretaries’ National Development Implementation Committee (NDIC).

NCPB was directed to suspend further distribution of fertilizer until investigations are concluded and a report is provided.

During the meeting, Principal Secretaries were urged to ensure that the laws on procurement were fully complied with and due diligence was conducted to avoid dealing with mediocre entities that lack integrity and capacity to deliver on goods and services contracted for.

Mudavadi said areas with sensitive and essential commodities like food production, health, energy (Fuel and Petroleum) and education among other key sectors that drive the economy and prosperity of the nation should never be compromised by individuals out to use short-cuts and tricks to derail the governments progress.

Mudavadi was speaking in Bomet County when he attended a thanksgiving and prayer service at the African Gospel Churches of Kenya- Imani Fellowship and later presided over a fundraiser to aid the church in constructing a 2,500-capacity sanctuary.

He said public officers at all levels should safeguard the interests of the President who means well for Kenyans.

He urged the people of Bomet to continue supporting the work being done by President William Ruto and his administration saying there is hope in the near future as the fruits of the plans laid down in government and work being put in has started to bear fruit.

“I said it will take at least two to three years for us to start having some relief from the hard and difficult decisions that we have been making and many said they were unpopular and painful but now, I can assure Kenyans we are within the time frame I predicted and there is hope,” said Mudavadi.

Mudavadi said it calls for sacrifice and resilience for the nation to achieve much, saying there is a need to embrace hard work and commitment to turn around the economic fortunes of the country.

He warned leaders engaging in early campaigns saying the next election is still far and the focus now is on building the country and making sure every Kenyan lives a productive and decent life.

Present were Cabinet Secretary for Energy Davis Chirchir, Principal Secretary Aurelia Rono, Governor Hillary Barchock, Senators Aaron Cheruiyot, Hillary Sigei, Joyce Korir, MPs Richard Kilel, Leonard Yegon, Beatrice Adagala, Francis Sigei, and former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto among other local leaders.

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