Group promotes road safety awareness campaign in Thika

A group of residents from Thika have initiated a program to sensitize road users on road safety to reduce rate of accidents on our roads.
The initiative dubbed “KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING & I SUPPORT SAFE DRIVING” has seen the residents visit bus terminus in Thika to raise awareness and promote self-regulation among drivers.
The say the idea is as a result of the realization that a majority of the road accidents are caused by human error and blatant ignorance of basic traffic rules.
“We realized that most of these accidents are caused by our own mistakes as drivers and if each one of us took individual responsibility, we can drastically reduce number of accidents in the Country.” explained Fredrick Giturwa.
Giturwa says motorists rarely observe simple rules especially along Thika super Highway saying the keep left rule is one of the most ignored rules on the road.
He led other members of the initiative to paste “KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING” stickers on the rear side of several vehicles to act as a reminder to drivers.
James Ng’ang’a acknowledged the need for motorists to play their part regardless of whether there are a police officers or not.
“There is a tendency of Kenyan road users to adhere to traffic rules only when there is a police officer on sight. It is as though they are doing it for the law enforcement and not for their own safety.” He said.
Jaymo added that if all of road users behaved well on the road, cases of bribery would go down.
“Corruption and bribery on the roads thrive because of the disorder among the drivers. If we all adhered to traffic rules police officers would not demand for bribes at all.”
Thika Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) Branch Secretary Mungai Ngige said that, just as in the spirit of community policing, time is ripe for every Kenya to take personal responsibility on the road.


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