Group threatens to invade controversial Mwea land scheme

A group of people claiming ownership to the fifty four thousand Mwea Land in Mbeere south constituency are threatening to storm the controversial scheme.

The group is accusing the National Government of taking too long to settle them in their respective parcels despite having already acquired land titles.

The ownership of the Mwea land has been contested for years with different groups claiming to the bonafide title holders.

And with the Government having taken over the matter promising to provide an amicable solution, a group of people claiming to have valid titles are threatening to storm the controversial land if the government does not fast track the settlement process.

Led by their representative Daniel Kamunda, the residents accuse the government of not following the due process and relevant laws while surveying and issuing title deeds according in line with a binding agreement where the Mbeere community was allocated 40% of the land, Embu 20% Kirinyaga 10% and the Akamba community given 20% of the land.

Speaking Kiritiri umau grounds, the group said the national land commission and the County Government of Embu had subdivided the land in respect to the agreement and title deeds were issued to seven thousand people.

The land has been embroiled in controversy every time its demarcation and subdivision was being planned with successive governments failing to complete the process for over 30 years.




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