Group wants government to lift ban on GMOs

By Regina Manyara/KNA

The Kenya Universities Bio-Technology Consortium has called on the government to lift the ban on the importation and consumption of Genetically Modified Organisms in the country to pave way for research.

The consortium reckons that since the imposing of the ban against GMOs in 2012 due to safety concerns, extensive research on the consumption and application of the same has been done and has proved the earlier assumptions on GMOs wrong.

According to the institution extensive research has been done over the years to negate a report that had earlier linked GMOs to cancer.

Speaking in Murang’a during an awareness forum, Kenya Universities Bio-Technological Consortium Secretary General Dr. Joel Ochieng refuted allegations that GMO’s causes cancer saying that after lengthy research it was established that the consonants were environmental determinants.

It was noted that Bio Technology crops would be very beneficial in food security noting that they are developed to face environmental challenges such as drought, pest damage, and Aflatoxin.

Despite seemingly being the answer to food insecurity, negative perception among the masses is threatening to cripple any advances in GMO application.

The institution has tabled a petition on parliament to lift the ban to pave way for thorough research mainly on consumption.

Murang’a Member of Parliament Sabina Chege said that the issue of science behind GMO’s is complex and hard for members of public to understand and therefore forums should be held to enlighten people on what GMO entails.


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