Celebrating an illustrious journey through a decade in the music industry, the three-man powerhouse H_art the Band is poised to release their latest 10-track album, “Time: Love H_art  Emojis” this Friday, October 6.

With a profound sense of dedication and an unwavering commitment to their craft, this album reflects a remarkable fusion of artistry, passion, and resilience in the face of life’s ebbs and flows. 

Time is a concept album on the chronology of love, life & relationships. The album takes you through the ‘near’ redundant nature of life,  showcasing euphonious sound, skill & honesty in lyrics.

Time doubles as a heartfelt tribute to the roller-coaster of life while providing a candid window into the band’s mastery of the craft, through their ten-year voyage. It is an album born from the collective hearts of H_art the Band; honed through years of passion and perseverance. 

The album cover is creatively designed and depicted in partnership with H_art the Band and award-winning animator Ambrose, BackBench Animations, who recently did the animation videos for their last album. 

The Album cover features a colourful, classic circular timepiece with different emojis to replace the numeric. All the different emojis are used to express the different emotions/ stages in a relationship.  

“In a fast-paced world, we felt the need to use our music to help people slow down, listen, breathe and take a moment for themselves,” said Kenchez, one of the band members. 

H_art The Band have spent almost a year (since December 2022), pouring their hearts and souls into the making of the album, displaying an immense work ethic that mirrors their journey. 

“With this album, the idea was to slow things down and go back to the more original acoustic sound of the band. This is not just an acoustic of chilled and laid-back hits, the album exudes emotional resonance from the experience we have witnessed through our journey,” said Modecai Dex, the band’s lead vocalist and C.F.O.  

Time album has been produced by the legendary award-winning producer; Martin Gwandho aka MG (who produced “Uliza Kiatu” and “Nikikutazama”). The project has been one collaborative journey that has seen other producers like Kobby Worldwide work on two tracks whilst Rixx,  Magic House Ltd, produced the bonus track. 

Iconic musicians like Eric Wainaina and fast-rising vocalist Phyl the Kangogo have also left their musical magic in the project as well. Additionally, award-winning animator, Ambrose of BackBench Animations serves to paint a clearer picture of the ‘Love, life and relationship’ themes captured in the album.  

With a clear distinction from the other albums, Time is a symbol of dedication, a love letter to fans, and a mark of artistic growth. Behind its carefree title, TIME is an edgeless and synthetic collection of well-curated jams leaving no scope for defects.  

H_art the Band’s story is living proof of the enduring power of music. Since the release of their  debut single “Uliza Kiatu” back in 2014, the band has not just survived but thrived, capturing the  essence of their experiences in “Time.” This project is set to resonate with devoted fans and newcomers alike.  

H_art the Band invites listeners to take a journey through time, reflecting on their own experiences and the enduring power of music. 

Time will be available to stream on all digital platforms from October 6.