“Have at least 3 kids”- Turkey President Erdogan to women


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said a woman who rejects motherhood is “deficient” and “incomplete”, urging women to have at least three children.

He said he supported women having successful professional careers – but stressed that this should not be an “obstacle” to having children.

He was addressing Turkey’s Women and Democracy Association in Istanbul.

His comments were the latest in a series of controversial remarks about women and their role in a society.

Earlier this week, President Erdogan called on Muslims to reject contraception and have more children.

In a televised speech on 30 May, he stressed that “no Muslim family” should consider birth control or family planning.

“We will multiply our descendants,” said Mr Erdogan, who became president in August 2014 after serving as prime minister for 12 years.

His AK Party has its roots in Islamism and many of its supporters are conservative Muslims.

Mr Erdogan himself is a father of four.

He has previously spoken out against contraception, describing it as “treason” when speaking at a wedding ceremony in 2014.


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