Health experts want more plastic surgeons hired

By KBC Reporter

Health experts are asking the government to increase the number of plastic surgeons in the country whose demand is increasing by the day.

Kenya is said to have only eight plastic surgeons leaving thousands of patients in dilemma. The calls come at a time foreign plastic surgeons have concluded 40 free successful surgeries in Lamu County.

Kenya is said to have eight surgeons required to attend to thousands of patients in need of plastic surgeries.

A crisis that has raised concerns on the international scene with health experts asking the government to hire more plastic surgeons whose demand is growing by the day.

Majority of patients with skin complications are forced to wait for several months and even years to get surgery services at the Kenyatta national and referral hospital.

Esther Wanjiru who is aged 35 is a beneficiary of the free surgery exercise that was recently conducted in Lamu County.

Wanjiru was born with deformity on her body. Her entire body developed clumps and later part of the hip had complications which required surgery.

Wanjiru said she was operated once and the second surgery had to be cancelled after doctors learnt she had insufficient blood.

According to Dr. Tilman Stasch from Spain, his team will train   14 resident surgeons in five years to tighten up the gap.

According to Tilman, there are many chronic cases requiring urgent attention but may take long due to lack of expertise.

Over 100 patients benefited from the camp. Plastic surgery is done to shape and mould regions of the body including face and hands.


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