How to sustain a healthy relationship

A healthy relationship is what all couples should strive for

healthy relationship
Written by Seips Mugambi; Edited by Nzula

Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. There are many forms of love but most people find and seek its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner. The need for human connection appears to be innate but the ability to form healthy loving relationships is learned. Below are some tips to help you form and sustain a good healthy relationship.


Both partners should for starters, be confident in their partner’s willingness to devote time and attention to them. This, of course, requires commitment. They both need to commit to being accommodating of the differences and challenges that will inevitably emerge.


Good communication is an undisputable essential in a healthy relationship. Talk to your partner about your feelings. Ask questions and listen to their answers. If you’re upset say so, don’t make your partner try to figure out what’s up.

Be honest

Be truthful with each other about what you do, think and feel. Honesty creates trust and few things harm a relationship more than lies that breed distrust.

Give each other space

Alone time together is great but spending all your time together isn’t. It’s healthy to have your own friends and interests outside of the relationship.

healthy relationship
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Forgive and ask for forgiveness

Everybody makes mistakes. Be willing to apologize for yours and accept your partner’s apology.

Support each other

When your partner does something great appreciate them. Your partner should do the same for you. Partners in strong relationships feel grateful to and for each other. They openly provide and receive affection and support from each other.

Talk about sex openly and honestly

Telling your partner what feels good and what you like and don’t like helps you have a healthy relationship. Never pressure your partner into doing something they don’t want to do or let them pressure you. Consent is a must.


What happens when you are guilty? Do you own up to your mistakes? How you deal with your responsibilities can break or build your relationship. Remember, love isn’t merely what you say, it is also, and more so, what you do.


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