Heavy rains pound, flood parts of Nairobi

Hundreds of motorists spent their Saturday night along Mombasa Road following a huge traffic jam caused by overlapping and stalled Lorries.

The traffic snarl-up jam that meandered from Makutano area to Athi River junction had been occasioned by an accident between a lorry and a pick up.

According to Police the heavy rains and impatient drivers compounded the situation, making any efforts to clear the jam impossible.

Sunday morning efforts to clear the traffic was still ongoing as some motorist had to search for fuel after ran out on gas.  In the city, most roads are flooded with south C area among the most affected following heavy rainfall experienced yesterday and overnight.

Meanwhile, Police are urging motorists to seek alternative routes in areas which experiences floods following the ongoing rains.

Nairobi’s South C and residences constructed on or near wetlands and riparian land were worst affected. Some houses were rendered uninhabitable following the floods, while vehicles were seen halfway submerged.

The Saturday afternoon rain also caused a major gridlock on roads, with traffic extending for kilometers.

On Wednesday the meteorological department warned Kenyans to brace themselves for a heavy downpour in the coming 48 hours.

Many have however, welcomed the rains on account of the punishing drought and expressed hope the weatherman’s prediction that they will be short-lived will be proven wrong.

Meanwhile, health experts are warning of possible cholera outbreaks due to dirty water and poor sanitation as a result of the ongoing heavy downpour.

The medics warn that if nothing is done to rectify the situation by educating people on the importance of observing hygiene and boiling drinking water, the country is staring at a full-blown cholera epidemic.

Early this year, five people died and several others were hospitalised following a cholera outbreak in Kiunyu village, Murang’a County.

The deaths, according to Murang’a Health executive Joseph Mbai, were a result of drinking contaminated water from River Gathwariga.




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