Here’s why not everyone wants kids

Yes, some people don’t want kids

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Two weeks ago, radio host, presenter and actor, Nick Ndeda and his wife Muthoni Gitau found themselves on the wrong end of social media fame. The couple was bombarded with comments in response to an Instagram story that Muthoni had posted on her Instagram page. 40 per cent of the comments ranged from ridicule and disbelief while the rest were littered with unsolicited life and marriage advice. What could the couple possibly have done to receive all these comments? They made a decision to not have kids.

In the week that followed, the couple made a YouTube video explaining their motivation to not have children and to answer any questions their fans might have about their decision. 

Ndeda and Muthoni are not unique in their decision to have a childless marriage. A good number of educated, urban youth with the privilege of choice are opting out of having kids. With over 13 million Kenyans blacklisted at Credit Reference Bureaus (CRB) and with huge HELB loans to repay, this trend shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

Here are some other reasons cited by many for not having children.

No reason at all

For some, there is no underlying reason for their decision. Choice is the foundation of freewill after all.

Children are expensive

With loans to pay, a declining economy and unemployment at an all-time high, children are not financially feasible.

Finding out the effects of pregnancy

Given that more and more young women are sharing their pregnancy experiences on social media; armed with such vivid details, some are opting to not go through the experience.

No maternal wiring

Not everyone is mentally programmed to be a mother.

The world isn’t that great

Some would prefer to not bring a child into a world full of chaos. Not to mention global warming.

Their career comes first

Sometimes ambition takes precedence and nurturing and growing a career os just as important to some.



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