High cost of internet hindering growth of ICT

The high cost on internet is hindering the growth of information communications technology in Kenya.

Opera Kenya Managing Director Edward Ndichu says though internet penetration has grown fast, the cost of data remains prohibitive.

Internet penetration stands at 52 percent in Kenya with mobile penetration clocking 96 percent of the Kenyan population according to the latest quarterly statistics by the Communications Authority of Kenya.

Internet penetration remains low in Africa with 35 percent of the continent’s population having access to the services.

This compares badly with the global average of 54 percent. The cost of bandwidth remains prohibitive on the continent hindering the growth of ICT services.

Kenya with multiple fiber optic cables 1GB of mobile broadband is said to cost an average of 10 per cent of the average monthly incomes according to the Alliance for Affordable Internet which advocates for cheaper internet on the continent.

Ndichu says the government should give more incentives to players in the industry to suppress the cost of the services.

Ndichu says though broadband prices are coming down, they are not falling fast enough, leaving low income earners and other marginalized populations unable to afford even a basic connection.


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