Highlights in Sogom village

A 200-meter cliff with a twin water fall, caves and hills are the key highlights in Sogom village in Baringo County.

Sogom is a tiny village in Baringo county with the most breathtaking views. The high Tugen hills that run from Tenges town to Kipsaraman area cut through the village. Spectacular landscapes and forested peaks invite hikers to enjoy scenic walk views. The highlands and escarpments here provide the best of the regions awe-inspiring views.

twin waterfall

Sogom cliff measures 200 metres high, has twin waterfalls as well as caves that provide the most interesting tales and myths. It is believed that the cliff was a hideout in the early pre-colonial days especially during community conflicts between the Tugen and Pokot. Hundreds of warriors intending to attack residents of Sogom village who lived near the cliff would instead fall into the waterfall, saving the villagers from danger. Locals therefore named the cliff ‘Simot’ translating to ‘a refuge’. The cliff is believed to be among the highest in Africa. It is home to more than 300 bird species, making it an ideal bird watchers paradise. Among the rare bird species here are the bat hawk and the African fish eagle.

Both local and international tourists are welcome to Sogom to enjoy the scenery and local culture.


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