Hillary Clinton in landslide victory in K’ogello’s mock election

By Simon Achola.

The Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton could at this hour have been declared the 45th President of the United States if the mock elections conducted by K’ogello residents were anything to go by.

In the mock polls that were conducted few hours before Americans went to the polls, Clinton garnered 79 votes against Trump’s 11.

For the third time, residents of K’ogello village lined up to participate in a mock US election, but this time round, US President Barack Obama’s name who traces his roots to the little village of Siaya County was not on the ballot box.

The residents were ‘voting in’ the successor to the first black US President in history Barack Obama.

In the mock poll, the Democratic Party candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton easily floored Republican candidate Donald Trump by 79 votes to a paltry 11 votes.

K’ogello village was thrust into international limelight after Obama was elected as the Senator of Illinois and eventually the 44th President of the United States of America.

Many had hoped that Obama would visit the graveside of his father while in office but that failed to materialize when he toured Kenya last year.

However, there is renewed optimism among locals that as he prepares to leave office, he will find more time to initiate more charity work or at least compliment what Mama Sara Obama has been doing with orphans and widows in the area.






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