Hitch Theaters will let you enjoy movie night almost anywhere

By Mashable.com

A new Kickstarter campaign will let you watch Into the Wild… in the actual wild. It’s called Hitch Theaters, and it turns the trailer hitch on your truck or SUV into a veritable, go-anywhere drive-in theater.

Hitch Theaters has developed three distinctive projector screens and stands for outdoor movie watching.

The first is called the True Drive-In Theater. The projector rests on the roof on the truck in a specially designed stand, while the screen locks into the trailer hitch. This is designed so the movie watchers can relax in the bed of the truck.

The second is the The Group Date, for more than two people watching. The screen mounts in the hitch, like the True Drive-In, but the projector rests on a stand away from the truck — complete with removable sound shelf.

Lastly, the company has also designed a projector and screen solution for those living sans truck called Movie Night. Instead of utilizing a truck tow hitch, this one includes a freestanding screen as well as freestanding projector stand.

If you’re psyched about this project, you’ll want to jump onto Kickstarter right away. At the time this story is written, Hitch Theaters only has 10 days remaining on its campaign and has received only $3,113 in pledged funds of its $220,000 goal.


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