Homemade smoothies – easy, healthy and cheap

Your solution to eating more fruits and veggies in 2020; smoothies


Let’s look at the facts, shall we? Fact one, a smoothie is first and foremost filled with fruits and/or veggies that are pureed to make a thick beverage. Fact two, they are ridiculously easy to make. Fact three, all you need to make a smoothie is a blender, a couple of fruits, veggies, seeds, and nuts with your liquid of choice (water, milk, ice cream, honey). Fact four, they come loaded with nutrients and are great meal replacements.

So, given these simple facts, why not try and make one this weekend? Here are five easy smoothies to try.

Banana ginger smoothie


What you need: a sliced banana, 150 ml vanilla yoghurt, half a tablespoon of grated ginger

Method: Throw in all the ingredients and blend

Benefits: Great for most stomach woes, soothes heartburn and nausea

Pineapple spinach smoothie with chia seeds


What you need: a cup of spinach, one cup of almond milk/coconut milk/soy milk, one cup pineapple, one banana and 1 tablespoon of chia seeds

Method: Wash the spinach thoroughly, throw in all ingredients and blend until smooth

Benefits: Chia seeds are the healthiest food on the planet loaded with antioxidants high in fibre, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. This is also a great detox drink.

Pumpkin coconut smoothie


What you need: a cup of coconut milk, a quarter cup of mashed pumpkin, two teaspoons pumpkin spice, one sliced banana.

Method: Put all the ingredients in the blender and mix until smooth

Benefits: It’s dairy and sugar-free with a ton of protein and is especially great for vegetarians.

Strawberry kiwi smoothie


What you need: One and a quarter cup of apple juice, one sliced banana, one sliced kiwi, five strawberries, and one and a half teaspoon of honey

Method: Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth

Benefits: This drink is chock full of fibre, vitamin C and heart-healthy polyphenols.


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