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Honduras says it recalled ambassador from Israel due to grave humanitarian situation in Gaza

The Honduran government has recalled the republic’s ambassador to Israel for consultations due to the grave humanitarian situation in Gaza, Foreign Minister Enrique Reina said.

“Taking into account the grave humanitarian situation facing the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip, the government of President Xiomara Castro has decided to immediately recall Mr. Roberto Martinez, Ambassador of the Republic of Honduras to Israel, to Tegucigalpa for consultations,” Reina wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

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In recent days, Honduras has become the third country in Latin America to recall its diplomatic representative from Tel Aviv. Earlier, Colombia and Chile took similar steps. The Bolivian government took more radical measures and announced the severance of diplomatic relations with Israel.

On October 7, Palestinian group Hamas launched a surprise large-scale rocket attack against Israel from the Gaza Strip and breached the border, killing and abducting people in neighboring Israeli communities. Israel launched retaliatory strikes and ordered a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip, home to more than 2 million people, cutting off supplies of water, food, and fuel.

On October 27, Israel launched a large-scale ground incursion inside the Gaza Strip to eliminate Hamas fighters and rescue the hostages. The escalation of the conflict has resulted in the deaths of around 1,400 people in Israel and over 9,000 in the Gaza Strip.

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