Hope and Faith only way to overcome COVID-19, Clergy says

The clergy has urged Christians and Kenyans at large to have hope and faith amidst the challenging times brought about by the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Speaking during a live Holy Mass aired by KBC Channel 1, Father David Kinyanjui said COVID-19 is an invisible enemy with no cure at hand.

Kinyanjui said the pandemic has led to the loss of jobs and an increase in societal vices such as domestic violence, murder, and teenage pregnancy.

“It is not the time for Christians to live in fear or give up. We should keep our hope and faith in God during this period,” he said

The priest called upon Christians to lead by example and follow safety protocols set by the Ministry of Health in combating the disease.

“COVID-19 has brought a lot of uncertainty and many have given up. It is during such times that God shows Himself to us. Christ comes at the least expected time,” he said

Kinyanjui said the government has a role to ensure the safety of everyone including the needy who can not afford to buy masks and sanitizers.

He further encouraged parents to lead their children in the right way citing neglect by caregivers as a leading cause in the rise of teenage pregnancies.

The Priest urged Christians to call on God in dangerous and desperate times.

“In desperate and hopeless times, let us learn to whisper a small and simple prayer…’God save us’. ”


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