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Housing Committee inspects Shimo la Tewa AHP project, observes notable progress


One hundred Shimo la Tewa Prison Officers’ families are poised to benefit from the institutional housing program being implemented by the Government to provide housing for Prison Officers and improve their living conditions.

While inspecting the Shimo La Tewa Housing Project yesterday, the Committee on Housing, Urban Planning, and Public Works led by Hon. Johana Ng’eno (Emurua Dikiir) observed that the project was 95 percent complete and that the recommendations made by the Committee a year ago had been implemented.

“The Committee was here a year ago, it engaged the State Department for a solution and now we see a significant difference. The corrections have been done and we have affirmed that the taxpayers’ money has been put to good use,” noted Hon. Ng’eno.

Ng’eno challenged the Permanent Secretary for the State Department for Housing and Urban Development Charles Hinga to ensure due diligence in identifying contractors to undertake the State Department’s projects and edge out those who had undertaken the collapsed buildings’ projects and those whose projects had stalled.

In response, PS Hinga urged the Committee to consider empowering the regulators to enhance the execution of their mandate.

Concerning the housing project at Shimo La Tewa, he explained that the COVID-19 pandemic had caused delays to its completion leading to the extension of the timelines.

The lawmakers underscored the importance of carrying out public participation in projects with a huge impact on the Kenyan citizenry.

“Each part of the country needs a market and high masts. Students are facing accommodation challenges in Universities and Colleges with some parents spending more on hostels than school fees for their children”, noted Hon. Ng’eno.

The Committee also stressed the need for the State Department to streamline its procurement process to ensure a win-win situation with contractors receiving timely payments, for timely and proper completion of projects.

The Members further urged the State Department to see to it that project managers take responsibility concerning indemnity.

Speaking during the visit, the Deputy Officer in charge of Shimo La Tewa Prisons Eric Ochieng informed legislators that the new houses shall enable Prison Officers respond swiftly to emergencies as some will now reside from within the Prisons premises.

Ng’eno also disclosed that the Committee will conduct inspection visits to other projects executed by the State Department for Housing and Urban Development that also kicked off on 5th July 2016 and are yet to be completed; including Ruiru G.K Prison, Embakasi APTC Housing Project, Emali Senior Staff College Project, and Garsen Police Station.



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