How to feel travelled without leaving the country

Here’s how you can travel without actually travelling


Quotes endorsing travel like this one, “Travel is never a matter of money but of courage,” although great at stoking your wanderlust, largely undersell the fact that travel IS in fact expensive.

Before you can even pack your bags and disappear to lands unknown, you have to apply and pay for a passport and in Kenya, the process itself is worth its own story. So no, you can’t just wake up and decide to go to Barcelona.

However, if you’re one of the lucky few to whom money is no object, we’d like to wish you well in your future travels. We envy you. Take lots of pictures and we’ll strive to travel vicariously through your amazing Instagram posts.

For the rest us mere mortals, travel involves planning and lots and lots of saving. The great news is that you can still ‘travel’ without leaving the country, here’s how.

Road trips


Road trips are the gift that keep on giving. It’s a fun way to see and go places you’ve never been to within the country. Gather your fellow adventurers, split the fuel cost, create a dope playlist, remember to drive safely and tembea Kenya.

Nairobi IG tour

The Nairobi IG Tour by Turnup Travel is a specially curated 24-hour travel activity set within the confines of the city. It allows you to discover places you didn’t even know existed in Nairobi. If you only have 24-hours to enjoy yourself, this is the activity to do that also happens to feel like travel.  Sign up for this year’s Nairobi IG tour which will take place on September 7th.

Attend cultural festivals organised by embassies

Japanese Booth at the 7th Nairobi International Cultural Festival – Photo Japanese Embassy

Various embassies in Kenya occasionally organise cultural festivals that showcase their respective countries’ cultures. If you’re up for it, the Nairobi International Cultural festival is one place to start.

Expand your palate


One of the best things about travelling is that it provides the opportunity to enjoy another country’s cuisine. Luckily, Nairobi is a vibrant cosmopolitan city, which means you can indulge in various cuisines without leaving. One of the most popular cuisines in Nairobi is Ethiopian, but you can also find Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Israeli, Lebanese and the list goes on.

Read a book or watch a movie

Look, we can all agree that Hollywood is winning when it comes to worldwide entertainment consumption but that doesn’t mean that other countries aren’t doing the most when it comes to exporting entertainment.

Fans of KDrama/KPop will tell you they’ve learned a lot about Korean culture from watching Korean dramas and music videos and some can even understand particular phrases. Not to mention how “Bella Ciao” is now a well-known song in Kenya thanks to Money Heist.  If you’re a book worm, books are also a way to delve into different worlds, imagined or otherwise.

If all else fails, there’s also Instagram and travel vlogs.


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