How to walk in heels gracefully

Give a girl the right heels, and she can conquer the world.

If you’ve clicked on this article, it means walking in heels does not come as an easy feat to you. Heels are a wonderful invention. They’ve got this power to give you a confidence boost, elevate your outfit look and make you look taller and leaner. That being said, wearing and prancing around in them either comes naturally to you or it doesn’t. It’s a scary feeling thinking you’ll fall flat on your face because you won’t be able to maintain your balance in them. Not to worry we have assembled a few tricks to help you walk in your heeled shoes comfortably and gracefully.

  1. Choose well

This is the very first step in your heel journey. You cannot pick a 6-inch stiletto on your first try and expect to be successful. As a beginner, start off with a shorter and chunkier heel. Go for a pair that offers good support with enough straps. Your shoes better fit too.

  1. Heel to toe

This is the biggest trick when it comes to walking in heels. Press your heel on the ground first, followed by your toe second. Your knees should be straight too. This helps avoid that awkward, stompy walk.

  1. Small steps.

Wearing heels will make your stride shorter than usual so that means you’ll have to take more steps. The long strides are for runway models.

  1. Lean back

When walking from an elevated point, you will find that there is a tendency to lean forward in order to compensate for the slow strides. To counteract this, lean back slightly to maintain posture.

  1. Walk in a straight line

It doesn’t have to be a perfect catwalk but visualize the straight line on the ground as you walk. Place one foot in front of the other as you step. This will give you grace.

  1. Heads up

As a newbie, you’ll want to constantly look at your feet to make sure you are stepping correctly. Resist. Keep your head up; look at your path, instead.

  1. Invest in products

There are products that make wearing heels much more bearable. They include anti-blister balm, heel protectors, anti-slip pads and foot cushions.

How to Walk in Heels - How Can I Walk Comfortably in Heels?


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