Huawei promises enhanced security and privacy with Mate 40 series

Embattled Chinese consumer electronics firm Huawei says it has tightened security features in its 5G Mate 40 series smartphones amid concerns of data privacy and security of its products.

The firm has released HUAWEI Mate 40, HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro and HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro+ among other variants which run on its EMU 11 operating system after being barred by the US government from using key features on Google’s Android operating system.

According to the firm, the EMU 11 OS features comprehensive security solutions to protect users against breach by other parties.

The firm says its OS boasts of the highest certification level currently in the market.

“EMUI 11 also comes with new privacy features. When transferring images, users can easily purge sensitive personal data such as location, time and device details from the file before it is sent,” said the firm.

HUAWEI Mate 40. The series use 5G Kirin 9000 chip which is currently the most advance in the market. | Huawei

Having been cut out off the chip supply from US manufacturers, the Mate 40 series also boast of company’s own chip, the Kirin 9000 Series which is fully equipped for 5G and is capable of handling intensive computations and multi-tasking operations with ease, the company reaffirmed.

The new chip with more than 15.3 billion transistors promises to deliver improved performance and power efficiency over its predecessor in previous handsets.

Kirin 9000 chip allows users to multi-task on the device, comes with enhanced graphics and has faster response on the 90Hz screen.

With 5G requiring increased power for maximum performance, Mate 40 Series is also equipped with the battery technology to support supercharge.

What to expect on the new models

The Mate 40 comes with 6.5-inch OLED screen and is expected to start selling Kshs 90,000 while other versions, Pro and Pro+ with 6.8-inch OLED screens costing at least Kshs 100,000 or more.

HUAWEI Mate 40 Pro. Huawei also announced its Petal search engine, Petal Maps, and Huawei Docs. | Huawei

The Mate 40 Pro and Mate 40 Pro+ come with one front camera and three rear cameras capable of taking pictures and videos in 4k.

The front camera also features 3D Face Unlock, an Ultra Vision Selfie Camera and Smart Gesture Control meaning user can operate some features without using the touch option.

The Mate 40 and Mate 40 Pro are available in Black and White, as well as Mystic Silver

New apps

To keep hold of its customers who have been used to Google services on Android OS, the firm also announced its Petal search engine, Petal Maps which the firm says utilises the Mate 40 Series’ gesture control feature. The firm has also introduced HUAWEI Docs for word documents.

”These apps come together to lead the way towards a better digital life for the 700 million Huawei device users worldwide,” said the firm.


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