Huawei unveils another talent development program for Sub-Saharan Africa

Chinese technology conglomerate Huawei has unveiled the Leadership, Employability, Advancement & Possibility’ otherwise known as LEAP, a program that seeks to provide a cohesive approach to talent development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Announced at its ICT Competition Award Ceremony in Johannesburg South Africa, the LEAP program will advance ICT skills for more than 100,000 students, youth, and partners across Sub-Saharan Africa within three years.

The company says the program aims to establish strong digital leadership and a professional ICT workforce and build a digital talent pool and promote digital literacy among citizens. It encompasses various activities, from ICT training and certification courses to government digital capacity building and ICT skill competitions.

“LEAP is aimed at fostering strong digital leadership and a skilled ICT workforce, building a digital talent pool, and promoting digital literacy among citizens. It includes a wide range of activities spanning from ICT training and certification courses, government digital capacity building, and ICT skills competitions.” Huawei Southern Africa President Leo Chen said during the program launch.

Over the past two decades, the firm says it has helped advance the ICT skills of more than 80,000 people across the region. In doing so, it has helped increase youth employability and bridge the gender gap in the ICT industry.

Chen disclosed that Huawei, a technologies company, is currently one of the biggest employers in the region with subsidiaries in 9 Sub-Saharan African countries. The company earned the Top Employer seal in 2021.

“Digitization is deeply rooted in people. Because we digitize for people and by people. When roots are deep, there is no need to fear the wind,” he said adding that “through the program, we strive to cultivate more youth leaders in ICT, who can explore more possibilities for themselves, their families, community, and ultimately their nations.”

Speaking at the ceremony, Ms. Khumbudzo Ntshavheni, South African Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies noted that Huawei-led programs such as Seeds for the Future, Huawei ICT Academy and now LEAP will build the capacity of participants to an extent that they will help catapult participating countries into the future.

“Covid-19 took us into the digital era, but we should not need a pandemic to do this for us in the future, we need to be intentional to leapfrog our countries. We need innovation, we need to support local innovators, and we need to promote our platforms throughout the continent to reach scale and develop our economies. We are only bigger when our market is bigger, and we must walk together.” she said

Others who graced the occasion included Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education Science and Technology, Tanzania, Prof Eliamani Sadoyeka, Dr. John Chrysestom Muyingo, Ugandan State Minister for Higher Education of Ministry of Education and Sports.

According to a World Bank study on digital skills in Sub-Saharan Africa, over 230 million jobs in the region will require digital skills by 2030.


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