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Huawei urges media players to leverage technology for sustainability

Media houses have been challenged to seize opportunities presented by digital transformation.

For sustainability and growth, Huawei is advising players in the media industry to align their existing business models with the new technologies.

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“Technology has become a key tool in enabling seamless and fast operations for entities in the current digital world. For media and entertainment companies, digital transformation is an opportunity to reconsider the existing business model and its underlying business processes” said the Chinese-based technology firm.

Speaking during a media engagement with Kenya Editors themed ‘Digital Transformation for the Media Industry, Huawei Kenya Deputy CEO Steven Zhang, pledged to support the media in capacity building.

“We are committed to building the capacity of the media to equip them with skills to utilize digital technologies and infrastructure,” he said.

Huawei has partnered with the Kenya Editors Guild (KEG) to train journalists on ways to navigate and use digital platforms such as the Huawei cloud as well as explore partnership opportunities.

“To adapt to this changing digital world, it is crucial for personnel to be trained on ways to navigate the use of the digital space… Huawei is committed to sharing its knowledge and building capacity amongst Kenyans, giving them the skills and knowledge to drive the industry forward, create businesses and get jobs” Zhang said.

KEG CEO Rosalia Omungo urged media practitioners to safeguard the media space amid digital disruptions.

“Emerging technologies have disrupted the media industry and propagated the spread of misinformation. We need to safeguard the media space through accurate reporting. We can never be the conduits of false information.” she said.

Cloud is a key component for data analytics for audience insights, blockchain for secure transactions, and emerging technologies for innovative content delivery.

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