Huddah Monroe hits back at Victoria Kimani

By Melanie Mwangi

There  seems to be a new fued in the Kenyan showbiz scene between Chocolate City singer Victoria Kimani and popular socialite Huddah Monroe.

Victoria Kimani has finally released her first Swahili  ‘GOTA’,song off her soon to be released album, Safari.

In the track, Victoria sings in the first verse:

‘Ujue natoka mbali, Victoria Kimani nani

Wanajua mi ni nani, mi ni nani

Sihanyi mabuda, mimi sio Huddah’

Victoria is popularly known for her numerous hits and sense of style
Victoria is popularly known for her numerous hits and sense of style

No one knows why Victoria used this line, whether it was for rhyming purposes or for personal reasons against Huddah or her lifestyle, but one thing we know, is that the song is  the talk of the town and it is a very good line and it is not far from the truth.

Huddah’s flashy lifestyle has for the longest time been attributed to the wealth of old men.

However, Huddah recently posted photos of the lucky man in her life and he is a far cry from old or wrinkly. In one of the photos that she posted she wrote:

“Love is a very beautiful thing, been guarding my heart for too long because everything I do flows from it plus I’m scared of getting hurt. But I guess this is it, he got me feeling some type of way. Nimeingia na miguu zote mbili.”

Responding to the lyrics, Huddah told eDaily, “Sorry, I don’t respond to irrelevant people. Call me when you want to talk about my cosmetics.”

The new track features Congolese band, Airline. Victoria gives credit to rapper Abbas for helping her with the swahili bits of the song


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