Hundreds of Mwingi Residents risk eviction following order by TARDA

Hundreds of Mwingi residents living near the Kiambeere dam risk being evicted from their land to pave way for the extension of the Dam.

This follows attempts by the Tana Athi River Development Authority (TARDA) to reclaim the riparian land which is currently inhabited by locals.

Residents of Masinga were also issued with an eviction court order to vacate their land in order to allow extension of the Dam effective from 3rd September last year.

A similar order had been issued to hundreds of residents of Kakuyu location in Mumoni Sub-county, in Kitui County near the Kiambeere Dam to vacate their land.

According to residents of Kithumuoni village which entirely lies within the land being claimed by the Authority, officials from TARDA came to the area way back in 1885 and started giving out money to residents claiming to compensate them for the cleanliness of their homesteads and planting of trees.

The move by TARDA has been overwhelmingly protested by locals saying that they acquired the land legally.

Alice Mutua, a lady who operates a shop at Kithumuoni Shopping Center says that she has nowhere else to go in case of an eviction and urged the government to come to the rescue of many residents who might be rendered landless if evicted.

The residents are now calling upon the national government to intervene on their imminent eviction.


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