Hydroponics Kenya is pioneering and initiating hydroponic technology in East and Central Africa.

Hydroponics basically means growing plants without the use of soil. At Hydroponics Kenya, they start off using a system called vertical farming. This is where the plants are planted in tubes. Water containing the vital nutrients needed for plant growth is then added to the top level. the water feeds the top level, dripping to the lower levels, feeding the plants as it moves down. Water that is collected at the very bottom is recycled to the top level to start the process again. This process uses less water as compared to traditional farming methods.

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The technology works by feeding the broken down plant nutrients directly to the roots. The method of feeding these nutrients to the plant is what encourages a rapid plant growth over a shorter period of time, compared to conventional farming.

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Another efficient and effective method Hydroponics Kenya is using is through Hydro-wall. Anyone with a house with four walls can use this system. The hydro-wall is mounted on walls of the house/fence, a tap containing the water and nutrients is turned on and water finds its way to all the pots and then goes to a reservoir which can then be recycled.

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These systems don’t only speed up plant growth, save water, save space and eliminate the need for fertilizer, they also protect greenhouses from agricultural diseases.

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