‘I am a man on a mission’ says Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has said his mission to uplift the lives of the millions of poor Kenyans is unstoppable.

He said for a long time, ordinary Kenyans had been abused and misused by the powerful to go up the political ladder.

“Now, it is the time for these [poor] Kenyans to be at the centre of our national conversation through the revolutionary bottom-up economic model,” explained Dr Ruto.

He told those feeling threatened by this new, people-centred, issues-based political model that the intent is invincible.

“I am a man on a mission. I have no space to retreat. Neither do I have the luxury to surrender. I am marching forward We must make the poor to be part of our nation,” he said.

He was speaking Tuesday during the funeral services of Mahoo Ward MCA Ronald Hanel Sagurani in Taveta, Taita Taveta County and that of Sada Mgalla Nyawa, mother to Governor Salim Mvurya, in Kinango Constituency, Kwale County.

During the burial ceremony of the late Mama Sada in Kalalani, Kinango Constituency, Kwale County.

The Deputy President said his aim was to ensure that he engages and partners with grassroot and political leaders to change the fortunes of the unemployed, small entrepreneurs and peasant farmers.

He said it was immoral for the political class use their positions of influence to further their agenda at the expense of millions of ordinary Kenyans.

At the same time, he condemned the use of police force to disrupt the late Sagurani’s funeral, saying the move was politically-driven

“Let us tolerate and respect each other. Stop engaging in petty politics.”

In the company of Dr Ruto at the events were Governors Salim Mvurya, Amason Kingi, Kwale Deputy Governor Fatuma Achani, MPs Naomi Shaban, Lydia Haika, Johnes Mwaruma, Andrew Mwadime, Jones Mlolwa and Faisal Bader. Others were Benjamin Tayari, Aisha Jumwa, Njuguna Wanjiku, Kimani Ichung’wa and Former Taita Taveta Governor John Mruttu.

Meanwhile, Dr Ruto said the attempt to review the Constitution under the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) was the most dangerous project in Kenya’s history.

He said the scheme would have rolled back the democratic gains made in Kenya since independence.

“It was going to install an imperial president who would control the Judiciary, the Executive and the Legislature. It was simply dangerous,” he said.

“We thank God BBI failed. Let us not lie to ourselves and to the people,” he added.

Haika urged security agencies not to allow politicians to use them to execute their agenda.

Ms Jumwa also condemned the selective application of COVID-19 pandemic mitigation protocols, claiming it was being used to manage the country’s politics.

The MPs dismissed those calling for the resignation of Dr Ruto, saying the president and his deputy were jointly elected, hence a political unit that is inseparable.

“If you [Dr Ruto] resign, the President should also resign,” said Ms Haika.

Mr Ichung’wa said Dr Ruto can only stand down if his resignation is the wish of the majority of those who elected him.

Meanwhile, the Kikuyu MP asked Coast Governors to unite. He asked Governor Kingi to read the signs of time and join Dr Ruto in the economic liberation of Kenya.

Mr Tayari said Coast region was behind the Deputy President and his call for economic revolution in Kenya.

“We have been cheated in the past. Never again. We now want to be at the core of the formation of the 2022 government,” he argued.

The sentiment was echoed by Kilifi Governor who noted that the region would this time around not allow others to plan for them.


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