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I am deliberate in my support for women leaders, President Ruto

President William Ruto Thursday offered behind the scenes insights into his efforts to have women vying under the United Democratic Alliance Party clinch gubernatorial positions.

Speaking in Nairobi during the launch of the strategy for women governors’ caucus, the president would reveal the extent to which he went to ensure their political strategies resonate with the voter.

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“I know sometimes, in the process of mentorship, you have to tell them some hard facts,” the president would divulge.

Recalling his pre-election engagement with Nakuru Governor Susan Kihika, Ruto said he at one time questioned her political rhetoric, choosing to take her through lessons on best practices in political communication.

“I remember one time I called Susan and told her, listen Susan. I am listening to you and you are not persuasive. I want you to rehearse your text; don’t leave home before you know what you are going to say in a political rally, even if you have to cram three things. I had to take her through lessons, because I really wanted her to succeed.” The president told the gathering.

The president says he advised the Nakuru Governor to leave the city and camp in her home County to ensure that she consolidates her support.

“Another time I called her and told her, I don’t want to see you in Nairobi. You must go and sit at the village. I told her she must put on rubber shoes. Sometimes I know women want to look beautiful, they want to put on skirts. These ones I told them look; this is not the time to look beautiful. Put on a long dress because this place is chaotic. And it was all because we wanted them to succeed.” Said the president.

According to Ruto, majority of political leaders who made the decision to support his presidential bid were women.

He said women are the drivers of change and agents of democratic governance, yet their active participation in politics is limited, restricted and always dotted with obstacles pledging his commitment to change the status quo.

“I made a commitment to the women in Kenya Kwanza that we would finally do something about the two-third gender rule. It has been a back and forth for over ten years. I want to commit that this time round, we will make sure that it is attained.” Pledged the President.






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