I don’t hate Kikuyus, Raila decries negative political propaganda

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has yet again expressed regret over what he termed as false narratives formed around his quest for the country’s leadership.

Specifically, the former Prime Minister noted that he had suffered politically in Central Kenya due to negative propaganda peddled over his alleged hate for the Agikuyu Community.

He says the damaging narrative has maligned him against a people he says he totally has nothing against.

Speaking while in Nyeri on Friday, Raila said he has had to endure the injurious fabrications even though he has on several occasions sacrificed his political ambitions just to throw his weight behind notable leaders from Mt. Kenya region.

“There are those who keep saying Raila hates Kikuyus. When I declared Mwai Kibaki (Kenya’s second President) Tosha, does it mean I did not know he was Kikuyu? Did I imagine that he was Luo or Luhya? I knew he was Kikuyu. But I said a Kikuyu is Kenyan just like any other Kenyan” he said during the burial of the mother of former EALA MP Mumbi Ng’aru at Kakuret area in Kieni constituency.

He gave an account of how after Kibaki was involved in an accident prior to the 2002 general election, the opposition camp was worried about his chances of ascending to power. The ODM leader noted that he gave his all to ensure that “even though our captain was injured the march must continue.”

“I led the Presidential campaign when Kibaki was in the hospital.  I spearheaded countrywide campaigns when Kibaki was hospitalized in London. People thought we were not going to win, but we won resoundingly.” He said

Raila wondered at what point he became a ‘bad person’ when in the height of his good relationship with Kibaki, he used to get so much praise from Mt. Kenya region.

“After Kibaki’s inauguration into office, we crisscrossed Central Kenya, and everywhere we went, Raila was referred to as Muthongoria Njamba.” He said amid cheers from the gathering.

The opposition leader spoke in Nyeri at a time the hearing on the BBI appeal concluded after four days of submissions by those in support and against at the Court of Appeal.

The former prime minister expressed confidence that the judges led by David Musinga will return a favorable verdict giving a green light for the BBI process to proceed to the people in a referendum.

“If the shoe hurts, you rectify it. The courts gave us a break on BBI. It’s just half-time. Reggae will be back” Raila declared.


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