Nothing in my DNA is synonymous with hate, says Kuria

Controversial utterances by former Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria came back to haunt him Tuesday evening when he appeared before the Committee on Appointments for vetting.

The Trade, Investment and Industry nominee was hard-pressed to defend his integrity and abrasive character.

The outspoken politician denied receiving a bribe within Parliament’s precincts, claiming his proclamation that there were efforts to control Parliament from outside was misconstrued.

“I am cognizant and aware of the accusation by one of the affidavits that were received about having accepted to receiving a bribe and I think that matter was taken out of context. I was summoned by the Speaker I explained myself and the matter was dispensed,” he said.

The former lawmaker who has severally found himself on the wrong side of the law explained that his early days in politics exposed him to the rough nature of activism by then multiparty proponents, which could explain how he got his abrasive style of politics.

“We’ve come from a very divisive phase in the politics of our country. I was a student leader….. I was politically exposed from that point. I grew up under the wings of Kenneth Matiba and Jaramogi Oginga” he said.

He declared he was a peace-loving Kenya regretting he had been misunderstood within social media and elite circles.

“I am misunderstood in some quarters but those quarters are mostly within social media and elite circles. If you go to most corners of this country, they know me as a peace-loving Kenyan. A place like Kondele, I am the 2nd most popular person after Raila Odinga” he said.

He stated there was nothing in his DNA synonymous with hate.

“Any perceived extremism or divisiveness on my side has been shaped by the kind of political culture we have had. Going forward, I’m going to play my role in ensuring we have a culture where political competition is not enmity”.

He placed his net worth at Ksh 750M.

“My financial net worth is 750 million. My net worth comprises real estate developments, shares held in unrelated companies in my business concerns, in manufacturing, fintech and in the energy sector” he told the panel.


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