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I will implement housing project, President Ruto vows

The Kenya Kwanza administration has reiterated its commitment to implement the Affordable Housing Programme.

President William Ruto vowed to push on with the project which has faced opposition saying it had the potential of taking Kenya to the next level of development.

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“I am going to implement the housing project. I am determined because we must do it, Korea did it, Singapore, Malaysia and that is why they are ahead of us.“ He said.

Speaking at the Diaspora Investment Conference held at the Kenya International Conference Centre (KICC) President William Ruto wondered why the opposition was fighting the housing levy which has been declared unconstitutional by the high court yet it was in their manifesto.

He observed that the majority welcomed the housing plan which was contained in both manifestos but implementation was now becoming a problem.

“We know what we must do but we cannot gather the courage to do it. This time around, whatever it takes, we are going to implement it.“ he vowed.

He said the project is on course even as he urged Kenyans not to allow anyone to derail their home ownership dreams.

” Just register on Boma Yangu web portal, then choose the house you want and the government will do the rest. It is the responsibility of the government to deliver that house to you. Kazi yako ni kulipa tu hela zinazotakikana,“ he told Kenyans.

The Government has come up with various interventions to ensure low-income earners access affordable homes.

They include zero rating the cost of land and infrastructure, multiple tax exemptions as well as reducing the cost of financing.

So far 584 units have been completed while 9,477 units inherited from the 2018-2022 Affordable Housing Program (AHP) cycle are ongoing. The construction of 39,879 units has been launched in this cycle and another 34,355 are ready for groundbreaking.

Speaking at the Kenya Affordable Housing Conference 2023 in Mombasa County last month, Principal Secretary Charles Hinga noted Kenya has 1141 slums in the Country whose occupants pay 172pc more for water and over 45pc more for electricity than other Kenyans.

He regretted that those living in informal settlements had no access to decent sanitation and had to pay to use a toilet.

PS Hinga said housing is a social right, and the current deficit is occasioned by the fact that the Government exited from implementing the housing agenda and left it to the private sector.

He said the Housing levy is helping the Government build houses en masse, provide employment for the youth and women as well as support the manufacturing sector through the engagement of Jua Kali groups.

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