ICT Authority urges counties to increase uptake

Counties have been urged to push for increased uptake of Information Communication Technologies to spur development in their respective areas.

Information, Communication and Telecommunication Authority Acting CEO Robert Mugo lauded the counties that have partnered with the ICT Authority with regard to the smart county initiative and the County ICT road maps.

Mugo was speaking at the 2018 County ICT Forum that brings together ICT ICT executives (CeCs) and directors from all 47 counties while officially launching the forum.

Mugo said the smart county project was the first initiative of the ICT Authority and entailed providing ICT equipment to each of the 47 counties to assist in their automation.

In Nairobi County, Mugo said the ICT Authority supported the development of a state of the art data centre and a unified communication system.

‘The ICT Authority has supported the development of ICT Roadmaps aligned with the national ICT Master plan and their local county development plans in each of the 47 counties’, said Mugo.

He further said ICT Authority also equipped the county HQs (plus some Sub Counties) with basic equipment that include office applications, emails, and training.

In addition, the ICT CEO complimented the counties who have implemented certain aspects of the ICT Road Maps as guided by the National ICT Master Plan (2018-2028).

The CEO also noted that the National ICT Masterplan 2013/14-2017/18 created the ICT County Forum as part of the ICT Governance structure.

He asked the County ICT leadership to actively participate in the review of the National ICT Policy and the National ICT Masterplan adding that this will provide an opportunity for Counties, drawing from past experience, to ensure that these policy documents capture the essence of county government and provide adequate support and cover for ICT initiatives in counties.

The 2018 ICT County Forum was organized in partnership with Atlancis Technologies a leading provider of Enterprise ICT solutions to public and private sector organizations in Africa. A

According to the CEO Daniel Kinyua his firm is spearheading the Smart County Solution that is useful in the automation of citizen services.











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