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ICT experts root for internet hygiene among youth and children

Story by Sally Namuye

Experts in the Information, Communication and Technology sector are calling for synergy in ICT policy related initiatives and activities.

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A forum organized by Kenya Internet Governance Forum and KICTANeT Kenya ICT Action Network held in Nairobi to discuss best practices in data governance and trust laid bare the challenges posed by new media and associated technologies.

Under the theme, the internet we want, the forum addressed a host of issues including cyber security and cybercrime, data trust and governance, human rights and freedom, digital divides and inclusion as well as AI and emerging technologies.

Speaking during the forum, KICTANeT Non-Executive Director Ali Kassim emphasized on the importance of addressing knowledge gaps in internet navigation and its importance of enhancing regulations and policies.

Sarah Muyonga, a Public Policy Director for East &Horn of Africa with technology company Meta said her company is designing tools that will create a safe space for children and the youth.

“We know privacy is one of those concerns, and for us at META, the youth are an integral part of our platform, how we design the policies we make and the experiences we have, we think a lot about young people “said Muyonga.

The most common cyber-security concerns in Kenya include phishing, ransom ware, fake news, infrastructure security and lack of cyber security skills.



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