IEBC thrown into crisis as three commissioners resign

Three Commissioners of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) have resigned citing lack of confidence in the chairperson Wafula Chebukati.

Vice chair Connie Nkatha Maina, Margaret Mwachanya and Paul Kurgat said they no longer find their positions under their tenable.

Their resignation comes three days after the High Court has declined to issue orders to reinstate IEBC Ezra Chiloba who was sent on a three months compulsory leave a week ago.

The three claim the IEBC under the leadership of Wafula Chebukati is dysfunctional.

“The Commission Chairperson has failed to be the steady and stable hand that steers the ship in difficult times and give direction when needed. Under his leadership, the Commission boardroom has become a venue for peddling misinformation, grounds for brewing mistrust, and a space for scrambling for and chasing for individual glory and credit,” the three said.

At a Press conference on Monday morning they further said external players had encroached on the commission’s independence.

“The Institution has continued to be dysfunctional, with arbitrary decision-making, leaking of internal documents to serve personal goals and pursuing of personal interests, all of which are against the laid down laws that govern the conduct of the Commission leadership and staff. This race to chase ‘ghosts’ that don’t exist needs to stop, The Commissioners must all serve solely for the purpose that we were appointed. We must banish external players from the Commission Boardrooms and reclaim the Commission’s independence” they said in the statement.

They faulted Chiloba’s removal saying it is a weighty matter that should not have been treated lightly.

“The removal of a CEO is a weighty matter, and is one that should not have been introduced as a by-the-way,” they said.

“Therefore the events related to the purported vote have already shaken our already feeble confidence in the chair. Given this deteriorating confidence in the chair, we find our position as commissioners under his leadership no longer tenable”  they stated.

After the resignation of three commissioners IEBC is now left with the Chiar and only two commissioners, Prof. Abdi Yakub Guliye and Boya Molu.

The first commissioner to resign was Roselyn Akombe who quit just days to the October 26, 2017 repeat presidential poll.



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