“I’m happy, full of joy and peace of mind,” says Lillian Nga’ng’a

The interview comes after a maelstrom of tweets concerning the former Machakos First Lady since Alfred Mutua’s cabinet appointment.

Lillian Nga’ng’a is finally opening up about motherhood and her life with Juliani months after their private wedding.

In a rare interview, the former Machakos First Lady and author spoke about her life with her newborn and her newfound happiness and peace.

“I am happy,  I am grateful, I have peace of mind…my life is perfect if I can just summarize it as that and in the past year a lot has happened. but I would not change anything at all. My baby is good..I have a handsome boy who is two months old,” she said.

The interview comes a day after news of her ex Former Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua’s appointment as Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs set Twitter ablaze with many wondering about her new life with award-winning musician Juliani.

In her interview, she was quick to point out she was unbothered by people “behind a keyboard”.

“…You can’t choose what people think of you, or how they choose to look at you…when I see people making comments that are not very pleasant I wonder why they are triggered, I wonder why they are bothered by my decisions because I live a pretty normal life… but I’m not too bothered because these are just people behind a keyboard behind a phone commenting on things you have no details about so it doesn’t bother me as much.”

Despite being used to the vitriol that comes with her hitherto celebrity status, she is concerned about the same being directed at her child describing it as something she will not tolerate.

On her relationship with Juliani, she complimented Juliani on being a good father and praised their ability to maintain their independence as individuals.

Speaking about her relationship with Juliani, she said, “He is a brilliant person, he has brilliant ideas very intelligent and he really wants the best for me. He always tells me, ‘Babe, you can be anything you want to be’. I do not have a doubt about the person I am but you know, he is the kind of a person who pumps me up which is very important for a marriage partner.”


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