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I´m not scared of by election, Magarini MP says after supreme court ruling


Magarini Member of Parliament Harrison Kombe, whose election was nullified by the Supreme Court on Friday, has claimed he is not scared of a by-election.

Kombe said he was ready to face off his opponents again and was confident he would win with a land slide.

On Friday, the Supreme Court bench of Justices Smokin Wanjala, Njoki Ndungu and Mohammed Ibrahim found that Kombe, who ran on an ODM ticket, engaged in ballot stuffing and altering of election results.

Speaking to Journalists in Malindi Kombe said he was not scared of the By election as it was not the first time he is subjected to such and expressed optimism that he would win with a land slide.

“We thank God for the ruling of the supreme court and as per the language of our colleague’s justice found its course,” he said.

Maharini Member of Parliament Harrison Kombe has called on his constituents to remain calm and not panic because of the supreme court ruling that upheld the decision of the high court to nullify his election.

He said all the students who were sponsored by his administration shall continue with their education and should not worry.

Kombe said all projects that were going on will not stop and shall go on as scheduled as planned for the development of the constituency people.

He however said as it is he was still the MP for Magarini until the speaker of the national Assembly Moses Wetangula declares the seat vacant.

“I was not shaken by the ruling because I am used to this its normal, we are used to it and even the way the court went through the case there is nowhere they mentioned me in a bad way I am not involved in any malpractices and if it was there its other people,” he said.

He said in 2002 December 27 he won elections and was battling with the late Julius Mbuzi and he moved to court after the IEBC put a mark of a goat as his mark and the court ordered for a by election in May the following year which I won.

To him even in the oncoming by election all opponents should come together and will not beat him or even get a fraction of what they got.

The legislator said the secret behind his continuous victory was because of his understanding and approach in resolving the problems faced by the constituents including the land issue where he spearheaded the process of ensuring locals get land ownership documents.

Further he also led in addressing water problem and initiated the first tarmac road from Sabaki to Baricho.

On education Kombe said he also spearheaded education programs that has seen the constituency having thousands of graduates and tens of thousands of diploma holders.

“In my first term as MP there were only two schools but at the end there were 27 schools which I founded during my tenure,” he said.

Kombe said it was sad that his grand water project vision stopped twice when he lost to the current speaker of senate Amason Kingi and later his brother Michale Kingi until he returned to power in 2022 when the projects resumed.

So far, he said his constituents have come tom understand his developments plan and normally compare his achievements and those of others which are unmatched that’s why they reelect him.

Jackline Kabibi a die-hard Supporter of Harrison Kombe said after the supreme court ruling, they came together as women and resolved that they would push for the reelection of the MP for his dedication to uplift the standards of living of the people.

“What is happening in Magarini is injustice because Kombe is helping Magarini people and we have said come rain come sunshine we are going to reelect him,” he said.

John Mweni Supporter of the MP from Shauri Moyo said they are ready for the by elation and are confident of winning again because of his track record.

He said in the previous elections Kombe had no money and they campaigned without food and won because he cares for his people than his life.

“Just the other day five buses went to Bungoma with students to pursue education, also bursaries are being released always, that time we played without shoes and won and now we have shoes we are going to win we won away and now they are coming home ground we shall win too,” he said.

Lucas Kahindi a resident of Magarini constituency said Kombe would be elected because of his development track record particularly on education.

Kahindi said he was a beneficiary of the MP who financed his education from secondary to university and there are many others who have been supported.

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