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Innovators in Assistive Technology urged to tap into entrepreneurship

Founder AT4D Bernard Chiira

Innovators in Assistive Technology (AT) for people living with disabilities have been encouraged to venture in entrepreneurship to scale up their invention.

Speaking in Nairobi at the Inclusive Africa Conference 2024 by inABLE, Founder AT4D Bernard Chiira said the moral case of disability has actually become the business case for disability.

Disability rides across the world and is part of the human rights movement by law. It is no longer a case of should we give people access to Assistive Technology, they have to get access to AT, we are already way past that.

He called upon innovators and investors to build the industry of Assistive Technology across Africa and the globe to ensure it is part of the economic agenda, job creation story as well as the impact story.

“Poses a great opportunity to do immensely for our countries across Africa in terms of job creation. Will bring in solutions from other markets into new markets.” Chira said.

Speaking at the same forum, innovators called on users to go for properly assessed assistive products for efficiency and better outcomes.

Some of the Assistive Technology showcased at the conference foot orthoses, insole for diabetic foot among others.

Eyebyoret an invention from Uganda
Foot orthoses


On education inclusion, Kojo Tetteh said in Ghana they have created a space for persons with disabilities to access information about jobs and other opportunities once they leave school.

“We partner with institutions, collect data for people with disabilities and offer training, leadership skills as well as life skills to them once they finish school to get them ready for opportunities”. He said.

Director NITA, Jane Kamau, noted that more needs to be done between training institutions and attainment of skills. stressing that it is necessary to ensure that the facilities for training are suitable for persons with disabilities.

Head of Human Resource Standard Chartered Bank, Kenya Evans Munyori noted the need to match skills of candidates with the current job market adding that data and the demand for digital skills in the current job market is key.



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