Dr David Matsanga-International conflict resolution expert

The chairman of Pan African Forum Dr David Matsanga has urged the South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa not to resign amid growing pressure regarding  a scandal over money stolen from his farm.

Matsanga said the Independent parliamentary panel was wrong in their report of President Ramaphosa's  violation of the oath of office with regards to millions of dollars in cash found at his private game farm.

"I want to say that President Cyril Ramaphosa must not resign  He has seen it all. He protected ANC freedom fighters through personal finances during the struggle and while the late President Nelson Mandela  Madiba was still in Roben island"

On Wednesday, the parliamentary panel including a former chief justice of the country’s highest court, said Ramaphosa “may have committed” acts contrary to the law and the constitution, paving the way for impeachment proceedings.

However,Matsanga believes Ramaphosa who came to office in 2018 is still innocent besides having done well to tackle corruption which has been a common challenge facing Africa's most developed country especially after the tenure of President  Mandela.

He further urged him to fight on, and rather than quit  seek a second term as leader of his African National Congress party.

“The report is flawed and as a result the President should proceed with taking  to heart the unequivocal message coming from the branches of the governing party who have nominated him to avail himself for a 2nd term of the leadership of the ANC.”

The scandal erupted in June, when a former South African spy boss, Arthur Fraser, filed a complaint with police accusing the president of hiding a theft of $4m (£3.25m) in cash from his Phala Phala game farm in 2020.

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