Internet Solutions invests Ksh500M for workspace expansion

Internet solutions has earmarked 500 million shillings to expand Work Area Recovery Facilities in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to enable companies to conduct their businesses remotely amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Managing Director Richard Hechle says through its subsidiary Continuity East Africa (CEA), the firm will expand the sitting capacity of the workspaces to 800 seats within the next three years.

The firm has already invested Ksh150M in phase one of the project which involved expanding its capacity from 110 to 260 seats at its work area recovery site at in Nairobi.

The second phase will see the company grow the capacity to at least 800 seats here in Nairobi and set up similar facilities in Kampala and Dares Salam within the next three years.

CEA offers business continuity advisory services which entail helping their clients to develop business continuity policies and plans, conducting crisis management simulations and IT disaster recovery tests among other services.

Hechle notes the pandemic has introduced new workspace dynamics because of the social distancing requirements hence the new facilities would be of help to businesses looking to achieve that requirement by having parts of their teams working from the work area recovery space.

“Covid 19 has definitely changed the way organizations conduct their daily operations, engage with employees, partners and conduct business. In the middle of all that, business continuity is key, and CEA comes in to provide exactly that. We are helping existing clients carry out providing critical business functions whilst meeting social distancing requirements. In some instances, this saves employee commute time. This has ensured maximum productivity from such employees even in such complex situations,” he added.

In Kenya, many organizations grapple with the challenge of where to place Business Continuity Planning in the organization’s priorities mainly because of the inability to show a clear business case.

Hechle noted that one of the key risks a robust business continuity program seeks to manage is the premises.

Provision of alternative workspace ensures that organizations are not only able to operate during the disruptions but also minimize the negative impact on the company’s business.




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