Iran denies terror claims

By Samson Kitavi

The Iranian government has distanced itself from two Kenyan suspects arrested by the government in connection with alleged terror activities.

Iran envoy to Kenya Dr Hadi Farajvand said the two suspects neither worked for Iran’s spy agency nor the Kenyan government in any capacity, as it was claimed.

Saturday last weekend, the Kenyan government announced that it has made a major breakthrough in its pursuit of a terror network by arresting two Kenyans; Abubakar Sadiq and Yassin Juma, who police claimed had been frequenting Iran on diverse dates and that they were destined to play an active role in mounting terror attacks on Nairobi and Western interests in Kenya.

Tuesday, the Iranian government through their envoy came out to deny the claims but admitted that one of the suspected terrorist has been frequenting his country to attend counter terrorism forums and not to undergo any training.

Kenyan police had also claimed that the two suspects had a contact person in Iran by the name “Parsa”. The Iranian government however says unlike earlier reports, the said person is in Iraq and not Iran.

They Envoy said the government has not contacted the envoy directly over the matter.


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