It will not be business as usual, Matiang’i vows over electoral violence

The government is mulling implementing punitive measures as it seeks to decisively deal with the cycle of violence that has blighted the country’s electoral process.

Speaking a day after acts of violence marred the Matungu and Kabuchai by-elections, interior cabinet secretary Fred Dr. Matiang’i said proactive measures must be taken to ensure there is civility in the country’s political landscape.

“We are beyond talking, we’re walking towards an election. The truth of the matter is that we cannot afford that kind of behavior” observed Matiang’i.

Among the measures on the cards include a plan by the government to seek the intervention of the courts to have those involved in acts of violence declared unfit to hold public office.

“We will now go to court ourselves. The Honorable Attorney General has advised me, that as a government we can actuality go to court and invoke chapter six, and ask that some people, be declared unfit to hold public office” Matiang’i revealed.

And with accused persons using the justice system as their buffer, Matiang’i would take exception by constant postponement of cases and lenient bail terms saying it has only acted to embolden the perpetrators.

“The reason why this has continued for a long time is because people don’t face the real consequences.

The law enforcement cycle does not begin and end with the police” Matiang’i said.

Matiang’i saying political leaders are the ones perpetrating electoral violence urging the judiciary to remain steadfast in administering justice.

“Our colleagues in the law enforcement chain, let them do their part. The day a magistrate locks up an MP or a senior politician, all declares someone unfit to hold public office, then we will see a bit of discipline” quipped Matiang’i.

The interior cabinet secretary was for the better part of Friday morning held up in a meeting with heads of all security agencies that among others resolved to have the government take proactive action to tame electoral violence.

All political leaders who were implicated in the Thursday violence will also have their firearm licences suspended by the Firearm Licensing and Control Board.


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