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IWG expands Kenyan operations with new workspace in Nairobi

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Hybrid working space provider, IWG, has established a new workspace in Nairobi as demand for office space rises.

IWG which is the world’s largest provider of hybrid workspace says the new office at Pramukh Towers was established owing to increased adoption of hybrid working by firms across the country.

The new location will house a fully functional HQ-branded workspace, complete with co-working spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, and creative spaces including a private lactation room for mothers.

“The need for high-quality flexible workspaces continues to soar as hybrid working becomes the new normal. We are very pleased to work in partnership with the landlord to develop the first HQ-brand workspace in Kenya under a management agreement that will add a cutting-edge workspace to their building,” said Mark Dixon, IWG Chief Executive Officer and Founder.

According Dixon, IWG has an annual investment of around Ksh 8.3 billion ($64m) into its technology platform which helps provides partners with access to all the company’s expertise as well as design and fit-out support and sales and marketing capabilities.

It is estimated that by 2030, at least 30pc of all commercial real estate will be flexible workspace as adoption for hybrid workspace gains traction worldwide.

“Our opening in Nairobi comes at a time when more and more companies are discovering that flexible working boosts employee happiness and satisfaction, while helping the environment. Our workplace model is also proven to increase productivity and allows for a business to scale up or down at significantly reduced costs,” he added.

IWC estimates show that hybrid working offers companies a significantly lower cost base with an average saving of Khs 1.4 million ($11,000) per employee.

The firm which operates Spaces and Regus workspaces added 867 new spaces last year to its 4,000 locations in more than 120 countries with members able to access all the locations and business services via the IWG app.

The ongoing shift towards hybrid working has been highlighted as a potential for further growth with an estimated 1.2 billion white collar workers globally and a total addressable market of more than $2 trillion.

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