Former TV personality and the host of The Jacque Maribe Show has teased a return to media production after a long hiatus. 

Elaborating on what to expect from the new productions Maribe said that the new show will be similar to an earlier show where she conducted interviews with notable dignitaries such as Defence CS Aden Duale and Members of Parliament.

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Posting a cryptic message on IG, Maribe said, “1st September 2022, I chose to only do stories here on IG…well, shouldn’t that change now on 1st September 2023?”

Alluding to her five-year absence from Kenyan TV screens, she said that the sabbatical had finally come to an end.

“The sabbatical ends. Loading,” she finished.

Maribe left Citizen TV after being charged alongside her former boyfriend Joseph Irungu alias Jowie – who is the primary suspect in the murder.

Apart from politicians, she has also hosted policymakers such as Ezekiel Mutua.

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