Jägermeister Night Embassy’s global brand philosophy celebrates nightlife. The global platform made a pitstop in Kenya, and on Wednesday, November 1st kicked off a series of exhilarating Music, Dance and Fashion events, panels and showcases. 

In collaboration with its ambassadors and a creative board composed of Blinky Bill, Katungulu Mwendwa and Chiki Kuruka, the Night Embassy Nairobi set the pace to create and redefine Nairobi nightlife and culture.

On Saturday, December 2 2023 saw Night Embassy Nairobi’s final event go down in an extraordinary fashion showcase themed CLOUD 9 by Edi Muyishime. 

The one of a kind Jägermeister experience dubbed “Ngeli ya Nairada” was a culmination of the program’s pillar events, and featured incredible DJ sets by Hiribae, DJ Mura, Foozak, Dylan-S, Paps, Shi and IV.

A panel discussion titled ‘Grit & Glamour: Fashion above all else’ – was held on 22nd November as part of Night Embassy Nairobi Fashion pillar week. 

The panel discussion featured designers, fashion experts and brand stylists: Katungulu Mwendwa, Edi Muyishime, Brian Babu, Keilla Okari and Luca Rindii.

Night Embassy Nairobi music pillar brought together a panel comprising Wangechi, Musau Mumo (artist manager), Fena Gitu, Monica Kemoli (Spotify), Rizwan Ibrahim (Kenya Nights) and Taio Tripper (Camp Mulla) on November 17, to explore the growth and journey of Kenyan music – looking at the past, present and future. 

On November 18, Blinky Bill alongside music ambassadors Hiribae & DJ Mura headlined a music extravaganza with other performers; Karun, Boutross, Dipah Konnection, Kelele Kollektiv, Akoth Jumadi, Ayrosh, Big Yassa and Swahili Papi at Nairobi Street Kitchen.

On Tuesday 7th and Thursday 9th November, the Night Embassy Nairobi marked the dance pillar events at Kiza Restaurant & Lounge. 

Spearheaded by Chiki, the dance pillar ambassadors – Davillah Skinnor, Annita Shakiz, Charles Wiglly, Earl Mvera, Ashley Obai & Kelvin Lore presented spectacular individual performances.

Hiribae, Muyishime, Annita Shakiz, Ashley Obai, Davillah Skinnor & DJ Mura