James Katule sworn in as new CRA’s CEO

The Chief Justice and President of The Supreme Court Martha Koome has sworn in CPA James Katule as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Commission Secretary of the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA).

The swearing in ceremony that was to take place at the Supreme Court Building on April, 20 was postponed to today (Monday).

In the next five years, Mr. Katule will focus on executing the CRA mandate which is  implementing the third basis for revenue sharing among the county governments, which was approved by Parliament in 2020, to be used for financial years 2020/21 to 2024/25.

He will also coordinate the development of recommendations on sharing of revenue between national and county governments, developing a marginalization policy, building county governments capacity to raise their revenues, and other key assignments.

The Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) is an independent Commission set up under Article 215 of the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.

The principal mandate of the Commission is to make recommendations on the basis for the equitable sharing of revenue raised by the national government between the national and county governments, and among county governments, as stipulated in Article 216(1)(a) and (b).

Article 216 (2) further mandates the Commission to make recommendations on other matters concerning the financing of, and financial management by, county governments.

In making these recommendations, the Commission is required to promote and give effect to the criteria set out in Article 203(1); when appropriate, to define and enhance the revenue sources of the national and county governments; and to encourage fiscal responsibility.

The Commission is also mandated by Article 216 (4) to determine, publish and regularly review a policy in which it sets out the criteria by which to identify marginalised areas for purposes of the Equalisation Fund.

The Equalisation Fund is a twenty years Fund set up to provide basic services including water, roads, health facilities and electricity to marginalised areas to the extent necessary to bring the quality of services in the areas to the level generally enjoyed by the rest of the country.

The CJ urged Katule, to make equitable revenue allocation a reality for all Kenyans.

During the swearing-in ceremony at the Supreme Court Building, the CJ also challenged the new CEO: “Ask yourself every day, whether what you are doing is adding value to Kenyans who work so hard to pay taxes to keep us in office… May your contribution enable the Commission to realize its vision of ‘No Kenyan left Behind’ in revenue allocation,” she said.

In her remarks, the Commission’s Chairperson, Dr Jane Kiringai, encouraged Mr Katule to always have clarity of the outcome envisaged, as the Commission Secretary and Chief Executive Officer. “You [Mr. Katule] are like the neck, joining the Secretariat, which is the executive arm, and the Commission which is the policy-making organ of the institution,” said Dr Kiringai, who also urged Mr Katule to regularly create time for strategic thinking.

Chief Justice, Hon. Martha Koome (right) looks on as CRA’s new CEO takes the oath of office,
assisted by the Deputy Chief Registrar of the Judiciary, Paul Ndemo

Also in attendance at the event were the Commission’s Vice Chairperson, Humphrey Wattanga, Commissioner Prof. Edward Oyugi, and Directors and staff. The Judiciary’s Deputy Chief Registrar, Paul Ndemo coordinated the event.


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