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Johannesburg to host next African Digital Finance Summit convened by Kenya

It is Glass House PR’s great pleasure to announce that the 3rd annual Africa Digital Finance Summit event will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa. The three-day event, which will be open to both physical and virtual attendees, will be held between the 20th and the 22nd of November, 2024. The fourth day of the summit will open up the venue to physical attendees in order that they can visit the conference area and explore the various exhibitions.

This year’s event, organized under the theme of ‘The future of finance in Africa: Our path to a new African’, will be the third iteration of the Africa Digital Finance Summit. For the first time, this usually Kenya-based event will be held in South Africa. The decision to host the summit in South Africa is representative of this event’s continental significance and the impetus that the conference places on collaboration across Africa.

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The inaugural African Digital Finance Summit was held in Nairobi in February of 2021. Then, as it is now, the event was designed to provide a platform and propulsion to conversations about the future of value exchange on the continent.

At each event since 2021’s first summit, members of government, representatives of central banks, executives in the fintech space, and other influential decision-makers have joined together in order to share their thoughts on the future of finance. As host to these speakers, the summit continues to facilitate a Pan-African conversation on topics that will have obvious economic, sociological, and developmental ramifications in the years to come.

The hope, according to the event’s organizer, Mary Njoki, CEO of Glass House PR, is that the African Digital Finance Summit will help the continent harness its massive growth potential while also allowing it to pre-empt and prevent some of the potential pitfalls inherent in development.

This year, attendees will enjoy the privilege of listening to and learning from 100 keynote speakers. These thought leaders will be subject-specific speakers with backgrounds in different and various areas of professionalism surrounding finance and its digitization. The conversations that they will take the lead on will touch on subject matter such as digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence, climate change, cybersecurity, financial inclusion and much more.

As a result, the conversation that the summit facilitates promises to be diversely influenced and a comprehensive study of all things digital finance. These may well prove to be the conversations that pave the way towards a future of fluid and fair financing for Africans.

The African Digital Finance Summit: another step toward greater continental cooperation

The decision to have this event hosted in South Africa instead of in Kenya was not taken lightly. Rather, it was the result of a comprehensive consideration of all the topics surrounding finance, Africa, and development.

Following the 18th of February conclusion of the 37th Ordinary Session of the African Union, in which presidents Ruto and Ramaphosa met to discuss free trade and diplomacy, the Kenyan president made reference to his country’s “deepening collaboration” with South Africa.

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