Joho dismisses calls to form new party, dares dissatisfied ODM leaders to quit 

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Deputy Party Leader Hassan Ali Joho says formation of a new political party will only serve to divide the Coast people further and undermine the unity that the region has enjoyed in ODM. 

In a statement on Sunday, Joho  noted that a group of current and former members of parliament from the Coast has for some time now been going around the region talking of forming a new political party supposedly to champion the interests of residents.

“There is nothing new in this push. It is the usual case of people trying to earn a living through fraud and conmanship whose godfather Kenyans know only too well. The people behind this push are leaders and others rejected in the previous elections who have essentially sold their souls to Deputy President William Ruto and joined his campaign of fraud and lies that all sensible Kenyans know is doomed to fail.” He said

Joho pointed out that there has never been a shortage of political parties formed locally in the Coast with a view to pushing the agenda of local residents.

“If the leaders mean well for the region, they would push for greater unity instead of more divisions. But, like their sponsor William Ruto, these leaders lack the courage to say they have moved and they are ready to surrender their current positions and seek fresh mandate. These people want to say their parties have failed the people but still continue earning salaries and allowances on the basis of a mandate given to them by voters loyal to the same parties.” He added

He termed the leaders as fraudsters and conmen.

“We are talking about people who say Jubilee Party and ODM have failed the people of the Coast, but the same leaders continue to earn salaries on the basis of votes cast for Jubilee and ODM in 2017. They cannot and will not quit and seek fresh mandate because they are not sure they will win and they are not sure they are ready to be out of power.” Said Joho

Joho who is also the Mombasa Governor, said the greatest enemy to the development of the Coast was DP William Ruto.

“ As ODM Deputy Party Leader who has seen the Coast region gain substantially in development projects since President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga joined hands, I can state without doubt that the greatest enemy to the development of the Coast was and will always be, Ruto and the people eating from his plate, who now claim to want to form a party.” He noted

“Since Ruto and his team got pushed aside in the ruling party, on-going development projects that have potential to change the fortunes of the region have continued to flow to the Coast from the National Government. In the same period, we have also seen the emergence of meaningful engagement between the National Government and county governments in the Coast. In addition, we are set to receive more funds through increased devolved funding to the counties and the creation of Ward Development Fund if the BBI proposals sail through in the referendum.” He added

The Governor said that DP Ruto and the team want to keep the Coast poor so that the Coast can vote for them.

” Ruto and the team that claims to want to form a party for the Coast opposes the BBI and its proposals to bring more money to the counties and wards. They want to keep the Coast poor so that the Coast can vote for them. We can’t and won’t allow it. The Coast remains solidly behind the reform agenda fronted by the BBI.”

Joho called on the dissatisfied ODM leaders from the Coast to quit.

“I therefore advise these leaders, who are acting for the DP, to cut down on drama, join him and the party he has already formed and let the people of the Coast choose between their sponsor Ruto and the agenda being pushed by President Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga. In addition, I advise these leaders and their sponsor to be courageous enough and quit their parties then seek fresh mandate or stay out of power until 2022 if they no longer believe in their parties. Kenya and the Coast will not progress through fraud and lies. We need honest and principled leadership.”


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